Maximise Your Retirement

Enhancing Your Pension: Strategies to Maximize Retirement Income

As your retirement may be many years away, It is really important that you put your money to work for you now in the best possible way, by optimising your pension.

If you have an existing pension fund, is it working hard for you? Are there better options out there? Do you know that getting just 1% better return per annum can make a significant difference to your retirement fund?

Try our pensions calculator to compare what difference this can make for you.

This is why you need to talk to someone who knows the pension market very, very well. Someone with over 30 years’ experience and can take you through your options and the set-up processes. Someone from Mason Wealth Management.

Investing in your pension obviously makes a lot of sense: Not only can you get up to 40% tax relief on the premiums you pay into your fund, but when invested these funds can compound and grow, tax free until, you retire. Even if you don’t plan to retire for another 30 years or more, you still need to invest your funds wisely to get the best possible results.

Deciding where you invest your funds not easy. Right now, there are over 500 pension funds in the Irish market, plus options to manage your own assets in a self-invested plan. These options range in risk and returns, but also annual charges and fee structures. No two pension plans are alike and yours should be unique to your needs and circumstances.
With so much choice comes significant differences in returns and performance. Some pension providers have strongly performing plans with low management fees and some have poor performing plans with high annual management fees. Some funds consistently deliver above average returns while some consistently delivering lower returns.
We can help by setting you up with a plan that aims to achieve the best possible outcome, while managing volatility, risk and charges.
Remember that even small increments in net returns can have a big effect on your final outcome over time.

Use our Pension calculator and see what difference 1% p.a. can make to your retirement.
The power of 1%

35 year old current fund €100k
Premium €500 p.m.
Achieving 4% Net Growth per annum
Retirement Fund at 65 €678,374*

1% P.A. Better 35 year old fund €100k
Premium €500 p.m.
Fund achieving 5% NET growth per annum
Retirement fund at 65 €862,903

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We’re impartial

We’ll give you impartial advice because we’re not tied to one investment house, bank or insurance company.

We’re experienced

Our senior consultants have decades of experience in all types of financial planning and financial management that delivers great results for our clients.

We’re flexible

We take a holistic view, bringing greater choice and more products to the table, from several sources for maximum flexibility. We’ll then stay with you, advising and guiding you towards your financial goals.

Don’t just take our word for it

Joan H

As someone who had zero knowledge on pensions, where to start, what to invest in and what financial advice to seek, I have been superbly guided and educated on my pension and investments by Justin for the past 5/6 years.

Michaela S

As we're about to start a family, we felt the need to chat to a professional for some advice on how to best manage our finances. The insight and advice we got was far beyond what we could have hoped for! No matter what life stage you're at I've no doubt you'd get immense value from a consultation with Mason Wealth Management.

Jason C

Mason Wealth Management was recommended to me by my accountant over 15 years ago and I'm still getting advice from them even now. What I liked from the start was that you get impartial advice and you do not feel like they are just trying to sell you products. They are on your side and are your advisors. I would not hesitate to recommend Mason Wealth Management.

Paul V

We have had a fantastic experience with Mason Wealth Management. They show genuine understanding and care for us as their client, not just the wealth that we are investing with them. We constantly feel we are being given the advise that is best for us and the command that the firm shows of our portfolio and its active management is both impressive and very reassuring. I'd recommend them to any personal investor.

Peter O

Mason Wealth Management provide us with really sound financial advice based on a real life understanding of our lifestyle choices. They give us the confidence to live our dreams.

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