Investment Advice

Investment advice will help empower you to take the most profitable decisions for your finances in terms of any type of investment you make. An investment advisor focuses on investment planning as a speciality, giving advice on investing in a wide variety of ways with a view to growing your investment over time.

We at Mason Wealth Management can give you personalised investment advice based on your specific requirements and available capital, to invest it in the most appropriate and tax efficient way possible. This advice takes account of the level of risk you can afford to take and your required rate of return. As Specialist Investment Advisors (SIA) and Certified Financial Planners we are in a unique position to provide best in class investment advice. When we combine our qualifications together with our 50 years experience we believe we can offer a service that is second to none. Key to this service is our proven investment process that gives greater potential for more predictable returns. This process also reduces investment behaviour errors which in turn increases the likelihood of better returns. In effect we stack the odds in your favour.

Experience has shown us that many clients have no strategy or plan when it comes to their investments. They simply leave everything to chance and hope that things will work out. Leaving things to chance does not work out and results in very poor investment outcomes and disappointment. By dealing with Mason Wealth Management we will show you how the investment process works. There are a number of simple steps to the process and if followed generally produce much more reliable and predictable outcomes and in turn more satisfied clients.

Our Investment Philosophy includes the following:

  • Investing is not for the short term.
  • Spread your risk don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Keep your investment fees as low as possible.
  • Re-Balance every year.
  • Understand what your investment can potentially lose in the short term.
  • Write down your plan and stick to it.
  • Don’t let your heart rule your head.
  • Establish the rate of return required.
  • It’s virtually impossible to time the market.

An important piece of investment advice you will hear will be to setup a strong and secure private pension plan, as a way of growing your financial contributions over the years and reap the profits of your pension investment in your retirement.  Once you have the right advise on this you will then want to expand to other areas of investment such as the stock market. We can tell you about pooled investments, index or tracker funds, direct shareholdings, Exchange traded fund and much more.

Having the right type of investment advice is crucial for your medium to long term financial prosperity.  We at Mason Wealth Management can provide advice that is both informative and highly specialised to the changing markets and how best to grow your finance.  We love what we do and we love helping you to have the financial security to do what you love, well into your retirement.

Private Pension

Private Pension

If you're anxious about being retired, we will help you identify what you want over the next 15 to 20 years and devise a strategy to ensure you get it.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We can help you to have a good financial plan that can help you provide financial security for you and your family, and help you have the available funds for when you need them.