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Lifestyle financial planning in Ireland

Even seasoned investors can find they end up with a disparate range of products that build up over the years. Lifestyle financial planning is an inclusive approach to securing the lifestyle you desire. It requires a different strategy to how we’d normally select products, as lifestyle financial planning is all about the bigger picture. Why […]

Retirement Planning For Your Future

At some point in time we all have to retire. We cannot work forever, a sad fact for all you workaholics out there. Many people don’t give much thought to retirement until much later in life but you should give it thought sooner rather than later. Retirement planning should start early to enable smooth sailing […]

Financial Planning is not about products

In financial planning businesses such as our own, a relatively small proportion of our time is spent dealing with the implementation and servicing of financial products on behalf of our clients. Because financial planning is so much deeper than simply putting products in place. Instead our clients today come to us with relatively simple questions […]

Minimise the impact of divorce on your financial plan

A marriage breakup is usually a traumatic time. Very significant life decisions are needed about custody of children and access arrangements, and where each party will live. Often relations between the parties become quite fraught… and then financial arrangements need to be agreed. At this stage, the difficult areas of dividing up the assets, maintenance […]

Be Careful Out There

Over the last number of months, a number of clients have been referred to us looking for investment opportunities or better returns.  This combined with a number of conversations we have had with some of our existing clients, has prompted me to right a brief note in this month’s newsletter. When you consider what interest […]

What are the risks to your investments?

When we’re designing an investment portfolio for our clients, we take into account quite a number of considerations. We start by understanding your investment goals and time horizons, and then we build a full understanding of your liquidity requirements, any asset class preferences that you might have and also the returns that you expect. This […]