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Some level of risk is inevitable when you invest. It is possible to reduce the potential risk to a very low level, but generally the less risk you take the lower the returns. There are sensible ways to mitigate the risk and still receive good returns on your investment.

Good investment advice will empower you. It will give you confidence when making decisions, and put your long-term financial security into your own hands. In the shorter-term it will provide the most tax efficient way to grow your money. To get the odds stacked in your favour, and for best in class advice for your financial planning Dublin, try Mason Wealth Management.

Our approach to investing is built over many decades of first hand experience through high and low periods. Here we will share with you some of our own philosophy, and why we believe it’s the right way organise your investment portfolio.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

One of the best ways to minimise any potential losses is to invest in a diversified manner. It is also worth mentioning here the different types of losses. A stick losing value isn’t necessarily a loss if you’re not selling. Settling in for a longer period will see highs and lows in any investment. A true loss is where there is a loss of capital that is irrecoverable.

Have A Long Term Mindset To You Financial Planning Dublin

Investing over the medium to longer term allows you to make more sensible choices to achieve the level of return you need. Short-term investments tend to be riskier, and can lead to unnecessary risk taking. Investing over a longer term allows you to accept some investments can lose in the short term, and factor it in to your investment strategy.

Minimise The Associated Costs

When you invest you will pay fees. Making sure you’re getting a good deal on your fees can save you a considerable amount of money. If you’re unsure how to minimise your fees yourself then get in touch with a professional wealth management company to help with your financial planning Dublin.

Create A Solid Plan

As part of the process of choosing your investments you should also formulate a plan. This provides an excellent point of reference if you’re ever in danger of making a knee jerk reaction. It also quantifies what you’re trying to achieve, which helps to keep everything focused and moving in the right direction.

Start Your Retirement Fund As Early As Possible

For people born after 1961 the current state pension age is 68. Presuming you work until your 68 and have no other source of income, then you will be expected to survive on €1000 per month. These two reasons encapsulate why starting to make private pension provisions are so important. You can start receiving your private pension benefits from the age of 60, and must start it before you’re 75.

Our tax system is set up to encourage people to invest in their retirement. Any lump sum you take upon your retirement is tax-free. Any growth experienced by your pension fund is also tax-free. Although subject to a salary cap, you can receive tax relief on your contributions, and pension funds can also be left to your spouse, also tax-free.

Be Sure

Make sure you’re using a reputable and experienced wealth management company for your financial planning Dublin. This is the only way to ensure you’re speaking to someone with your best interests at heart. They will provide you with good advice, and make sure you’re fully aware of every potential outcome. After all, the only way to truly protect your capital is to not invest it. This won’t help you as retirement approaches. So a balanced well thought out approach designed to suit your individual circumstances is the best option for your financial planning Dublin.

Types Of Investment

Choosing the right types of investment is crucial. Your long-term prosperity can hinge on making the right investment decisions, and we realise the importance of these decisions. In an ever changing market it’s more important than ever to ensure the advice you receive doesn’t just sound impressive, but is truly informative and tailored for your own particular needs.

If you’re starting to plan for your retirement then setting up a pension plan early will reap cumulative awards. It’s good to diversify your investments in several areas, and depending on each individual’s personal circumstances, we look at index or tracker funds, pooled investments, exchange traded funds and direct shareholdings. All of these and your private pension can be incorporated into your wider investment strategy, ensuring you have diversity when taking care of your financial planning Dublin.

Mason Wealth Management Are Your Best Option

When you choose Mason Wealth Management you are dealing with more than just an experienced team of professionals. You are dealing with real people who have fostered an environment where your best interests are the key factor when making any decisions.

The vast majority of our clients stay with us for the long-term. This means we never approach a client just like another file number, but like a new friend. We commit straight away to helping you commit your long-term goals, and provide added peace of mind by stating our intention to stay by your side the whole way. We try to add as much value as possible to your financial planning Dublin experience.

Whether you’re completely new to investing and retirement planning, or you know the markets well, we will be able to help you. Our guidance and advice will help you avoid any potential pitfalls, and keep your economic security on track. Discover the benefits of working with a company that always puts your needs first.

Get some clarity about your financial planning today by contacting us. You won’t regret it.