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Alright so it’s Christmas, the season to be jolly and everyone is ecstatic. One thing which isn’t so jolly is the financial burden on your wallet with the various gifts you have to buy for loved ones.

The fact of the matter is Christmas can be a stressful time financially for the majority of people. Unless you have a comfortable amount of money set aside for presents the gift shopping will take its toll.

Make the holiday season less financially stressful with the following tips.

1 . Make A Budget

At Christmas time it’s easy to get carried away with Christmas shopping. You’ll want to treat your loved ones to the best of the best just to see those looks of excitement on their faces when they open their gifts on Christmas Day under the Christmas tree and frankly, because they deserve to be spoiled.

All things considered, you need to set a budget on the amount you can realistically spend on presents. There’s no point going overboard if this eats into the money required for food, rent, house bills, money you will need after the holiday season.

Go easy on your credit or debit card. A tip for you, use cash instead of a card. Before you leave the house bring a set amount of cash with you and leave the card at home so you won’t be tempted to spend more than your budget.

2 . Limit Your Christmas List

Tis the season to be generous, spirits are high and you want to treat many people. The problem is you can’t spoil everyone, it’s not financially possible. Stick to buying for your immediate family members, your partner and your closest friend or two.

Cut down on that Christmas shopping list. An effective way of cutting back on costs and the number of gifts is partaking in a Secret Santa Exchange. For a group of people like your family this means you only have to buy one or two presents.

3 . Be Creative With Your Presents

Nobody said you have to spend a great deal on presents for those close to you. Sometimes the best gifts are the creative ones you make and construct yourself or personalise for people.

There’s nothing more meaningful than gifts crafted by hand or containing touching messages or showcasing your loved ones interests. In this way you can save a lot of funds and still emphasise to your friends and family you are thinking about them.

Why not consider putting together some of these cheap and heartfelt gifts?

  • A photo album of various pictures of you and your friends, family or partner together
  • A personalised mug with a picture or message
  • A personalised cushion or pillow with a picture or message
  • Baking a cake

. Control Impulse Buying On Deals

Christmas and January sales are eye catching and tempting to overspend on, that’s why they exist, to persuade and influence to buy.

To avoid financial stress control your impulse buying on Christmas and January sales. Your mind will be at peace when it comes to checking your bank account by following this tip.

Control the urge and avoid debt, regret and guilt at a later stage.