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The Reasons a Private Pension is so Important

Having a private pension can be the difference between the retirement you want, or a retirement spent counting the pennies. However, the importance of a private pension and the returns you can get from one are often misunderstood. It’s true that the earlier you start in life the easier it becomes, but that doesn’t mean […]

Why financial planning is just as important during Covid-19

You’d be forgiven for thinking financial planning is pointless during the economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re constantly hearing of companies closing their doors, redundancies being made, and other negative economic stories that are a result of the current crisis. However, an unstable economy provides a greater reason to have a solid financial […]

How you can retire in a recession

The negativity around the word recession has everyone breaking out in a sweat, especially if you were planning on retiring during the recession. The current coronavirus pandemic is causing a dramatic economic slowdown all around the globe, but a recession has been on the horizon for a while. China and Europe have both seen economic […]

Things to look for in a financial advisor or financial planner

Financial Advisor can cover a broad range of specialities and disciplines. Some specialise in just pensions and retirement advice or investments. It can cover most aspects of financial advice. Some people will refer to themselves as financial planners, which is a term usually reserved for those that provide comprehensive plans to achieve your long-term goals, […]

Cutting your costs during retirement

Most of us dream of a carefree retirement free from the shackles of the rat race. However, our main source of income stopping can be a scary prospect, especially if our pension income is considerably less than we’re used to receiving each month. However, there are many things you can do to ensure your retirement […]

Why a private pension is a must have

How we are going to live when we retire doesn’t become a major concern for many people until later in life. However, our quality of life and the money we have available to us once we stop working can be far greater if we start planning sooner. Every extra year you’re paying into a pension […]

Will you need a financial advisor in 2020?

As the years pass by, the need to ensure we are well prepared for later in life looms increasingly larger. Whether you’re investing, paying into a pension, or just saving money, starting young makes everything easier. However, when we’re young is the time we are least likely to worry about our future financial health. Thankfully, […]

Avoid retirement anxiety with a pension plan

The thought of retirement is daunting for many people. This is compounded by all the negative press about the retirement age being pushed back, or how pensioners can struggle to pay their way. Some people avoid thinking about retirement because they have no idea what they are going to do once they’ve retired, while others […]